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Have you ever tried focusing on an important task, and caught yourself thinking of another? Swipes helps you clear your mind and focus on the things that matter. People in 100+ countries around the globe are swiping their tasks everyday.

The Next Web - "Swipes brings a great number of new features that really should be imperative to any to-do list app."

With the simple and powerful Menu, you grab a full overview on your tasks and actions: What needs your focus Now? What have you already Done? Which tasks can be Scheduled for later? Quickly navigate around and swipe your tasks away. Enjoy the productive flow.

This app is for the fans of simple and powerful tools, the GTD enthusiasts, the slick design appreciators, the ones who want to beat procrastination and it is for YOU to simply plan your day!

- Quickly organize your daily to-dos
- Schedule tasks for later
- Tag
- Search and filter by tags
- Set reminders and add notes
- Drag & drop to prioritise
- See a history of all your completed tasks
- Get notifications

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