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Dating apps are the past, the future is Lulu! An app for relationships that uses the power of collective wisdom to offer insights on life and love, and everything in between.

Lulu has tips, quizzes, and expert advice. It’s a progressive platform to make relationship communication easier and more fun.


Relationship Quizzes: Fun and insightful questions that explore your relationships and friendships. Lulu decodes your dating DNA.

Discover: See who your friends know. Lulu gives you the scoop on who’s charming, who’s a catch, and who’s crushable.

Dear Dude: Get dating advice from “The Dudes”—hilarious, and brutally honest guys who’ve been there and heard it all.

Favorites: Pick your favorites and Lulu will notify you whenever there’s new intel.

Ask Away: Should you text your crush back? Have a question that’s making you blush? Need to know your next move? Lulu lets you ask our experts those burning questions…totally anonymously!

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